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The Rotana Plc. Company

We are a top Czech producer and service provider in tooling solutions of solid carbide, diamond and cubic boron nitride.

Our tools find their use in both standard and special machining applications. We build our solutions on solid ground of tested procedures, our own gathered knowledge coming from our development centre and on the know-how and experience of our experts.

We design and produce tools of quality comparable to those of world’s finest. Our ability to quickly react to individual requests from our customers and to offer them the finest products is already being appreciated by customers both local and remote, even by some of the top international machine producers.


Development Centre

Our company systematically invests into development of new tools and innovations of our current portfolio. Thanks to this we can handle even the most demanding specific requests of our customers.

Among the activities of our development centre we mostly focus on enhancing tool life, increasing efficiency of production at the customer’s side, but also on developing completely new applications.

Equipped by cutting-edge modern technologies and in close cooperation with our own Research and Development Centre, we have strong potential for innovation. We also support this potential by cooperation with renowned partners, including academic experts.


Production Technology

Our company’s success is significantly supported by our strong technical background with a high measure of automation. We are currently using automated loaders at over 70% of our entire machine capacity.

The high technological level allows us to implement the most modern approaches during production of macro and micro geometry of cutting tools. Thanks to the use of laser beam we are able to machine even the most advanced ultrahard materials with maximum efficiency and high precision.


Tool Renovation

Paralelly with development and production of tools we also offer other follow-up services, including masterful renovation of a wide portfolio of cutting tools.

We provide regrinding of solid carbide tools, high-speed steel tools and also ultrahard materials both from our own production and from other renowned tool producers.

Based on initially defined customer requests we regrind both rotary and stationary tools of various modifications. The final product is given an original grind and a fitting layer of coating.


We behave responsibly

The company Rotana actively supports new trends of efficient use of energy. We see the biggest potential for energy savings in application of new technologies but also in responsible approach by each of our employees.

For the second decade already we are getting roughly 10% of all our energy from our own photovoltaic power station. Half of the power 66 kW is supplied by rotary trackers placed on the roof of our Research and Development Centre. Due to their ability to rotate, the pannels remain in an ideal position towards the sun for the entire duration of the day.

Recuperative heat exchangers play a significant role in Rotana’s termoregulation strategy. They ensure pre-heating of fresh outisde air by waste heat from the production plants. Similarly we also use heat from switchboards of production machines, which is evacuated by the central water cooling system.

Demanding nature of our production, including the necessity of keeping stable temperature in the production plants, puts a high priority on effective management of energy. Our company therefore attempts not only to closely monitor our consumption, but also to control it as best as possible.



The company Rotana Plc. has integrated into its production processes the established system of Quality Management according to the norm ČSN ISO 9001:2016. Certificate no.14.869.812 valid until 21. 11. 2025 has been issued by the acredited inspection and certifying authority, the company TÜV SÜD Czech Ltd.



Rotana a.s. ® All rights reserved